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Social Media marketing

We also help businesses manage their social media as it may be a grueling task for start-up companies. For such affordable rates, we will do all of the hard work to present your products to the public. Here are the packages offered (applicable to all business sectors)

The Entry Plan Social media package includes a 1 post per week on:
 Facebook
 Instagram
 1 YouTube video per month.

Growth Plan Social media package includes 2 posts a week on:
 Twitter
 Facebook
 Instagram
 2 YouTube videos per month.

Premium Social media package includes 4 posts per week on:
 Twitter
 Facebook
 Instagram
 LinkedIn
 3 YouTube videos per month.

The Startup business package includes:
 1 advanced business website and maintenance.
 Free hosting
 SEO including 5 keywords.
 Optional social media package (Entry, Growth or Premium) charged monthly.
 Free business photo-shoot.

Addition business content services include:
Privacy Policies.
Employee contracts.
Terms of use.
Non-disclosure agreements.
Corporate forms.
Rental lease forms.
Sales related forms.
Loans, Debt, IOU’s.
Human resources.
Intellectual property forms and much more…