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Why set up with apps149

Restaurants and grocery stores incur high costs using third party delivery services without any direct interaction with the customer. Once the product is now in the hands of the third party delivery service provider, any complaints from a consumers concerning late deliveries or misconduct directly affect the store than the delivery service itself, however this will not stop the consumer from using the third party service again WHY? It is because their options are limited and it is still convenient for them, the only problem a restaurant faces is that the consumer associates the bad delivery experience with the specific restaurant. The customer will use the 3rd party service provider to then order from your competition with the hopes of a better experience. Most retailers are unaware of this simply because they do not collect any useful consumer data.

Apps149 also provides a low cost set up for each store enabling them to have direct feedback from their consumers, handling issues with with deliveries in good time and also isolating competition. Most of us have been on a third party delivery platform to order something specific until another option popped up and we ended up ordering something else from a different restaurant. Businesses should at least have a way of isolating themselves on an exclusive platform.

Here businesses can advertise directly to consumers informing them about specials tailored to their specific preference “talk about convincing”

We have a technical team that will also provide maintenance to businesses using our services ensuring that updates are done on time and offering 24 hour support to stores Worldwide.