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About Us

Apps149 is a company created for the convenience of modern-day shoppers allowing them to purchase goods online through one simplistic platform and having a platform to directly deliver these products to a consumers doorstep.

This provides a two-way benefit to the vendor and the customer consuming the product. Stores lose a substantial amount of business due to unknown online traffic, as a customer may not end up purchasing a product simply because they did not have time to go to the store then ended up purchasing elsewhere on their way to work for instance. Such losses are unaccounted for but do exist and are gradually increasing, there is a reason why large established retail chains focus on every avenue, through numerous locations however with their primary focus now being online business than a walk-in traffic.

They understand that as much as a consumer may have preferred stores the online shopping convenience element has now become more important to the 21st-century consumer. Apps149 was founded in 2018 by a group of young entrepreneurs that have established successful business ventures and understand the trends of operating in today’s business market. Apps149 is an item made by Fleet Hunt Technologies a Software and GPS organization that has created propelled programs for organizations crosswise over North America alongside activities in the Philippines, Mexico, and India with GPS following administrations dispersed over the globe. Majorly we concern with your all types of E-Commerce module with payment getaway so that you can easily handle your work with these services:

· Food Delivery App for restaurant
· Grocery App development
· Grocery App Designing Services
· Custom Software Solutions
· Restaurant App designing services
· Android App designing services
· E-commerce software services
· Mobile Platform
· Payment systems
· Configuration management
· compile build management
· Documentation
· Quality of service